Line Marking Removal

What is line marking removal? 

Line marking removal is the process of removing coatings from different surfaces. This can involve repainting or completely removing those lines. Often this involves aggressively eroding the surface to leave a rough finish that is gradually smoothed over time.

FCT have previously removed painted lines from surfaces in order to prepare for repaving or repainting. Our technicians are trained to remove both painted and thermoplastic lines. We have completed line marking removals from surfaces such as bitumen, concrete and paved surfaces.

We employ a range of different techniques tailored to each surface and marking. This ensures the proper removal and maintenance of surface integrity and finish. These are:

  • Chemical removal: using our own chemical solution we apply these to surfaces that need a more help in removing those lines.
  • Abrasive blasting or sandblasting: forcibly propelling material against a surface to remove the surface’s contaminants (in this case paint)
  • Diamond mechanical grinding
  • Mechanical stripping

We are a trusted contractor by a range of councils and operators across WA. These include Town of Cottesloe, Town of Cambridge and The City of Perth. 

About FCT Surface Cleaning

FCT are a fully mobile operation that are able to travel to you. We are able to come to your aid no matter whatever your restoration needs are. We are the local surface restoration experts in Perth. Using a variety of different restoration methods, FCT have the tools and techniques to provide the service in terms of line marking removal. Our commitment to cleaning excellence is second to none, and at FCT we pride ourselves on offering surface restoration solutions at affordable prices.

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