Smoke Damage Cleaning & Removal Perth

Smoke damage can impact your home in many ways. Not only is it aesthetically displeasing but also the soot and ash can be damaging to your physical and respiratory systems. If you’ve got family members with allergies or asthma, living with smoke damage is far from an ideal situation. Even if it appears small, smoke damage particles can still make it uncomfortable to breathe. Heavy smoke stains also emit pungent odours and smells that no one wants in their home.

Some smoke damage can be cleared by home and business owners themselves. We suggest opening windows and turning on the fan to improve circulation and breathability. Make sure you are wearing protective clothing such as exposed shoes to limit exposed skin. In addition, wearing gloves and protective goggles is beneficial. Wait for everything to cool down and if you have a vacuum, use it to clear any ash or soot on the ground. If there are larger pieces of debris do not use your vacuum as it may damage the machine. If at any point these methods are no longer working call a professional and they will be able to direct your or provide the cleaning service for you.

What we do at FCT! 

FCT provide cleaning, removal and restoration so that your home surfaces revert back to its former state. Our smoke damage cleaning and removal services are highly effective yet affordable. We have restored iconic churches, public buildings, shopping centres and homes throughout WA. We understand that fire damage in homes can be a sensitive thing and our technicians will treat each job with care and respect. FCT Surface Cleaning have invested in specific machinery designed to remove water whilst cleaning.

FCT are the preferred contractor to many of the Maintenance and Insurance Companies. Smoke damage from brickwork, stone, granite, marble and concrete can be easily removed and our commercial vacuum systems allow for easy cleaning after.

Northport Marine Fremantle Smoke and Fire Damage Cleaning

In addition to residential cleaning services we also provide commercial cleaning. FCT have previously provided fire restoration and smoke cleaning services at North Port Marine. They contacted us at FCT after their double storey shed suffered severe fire damage. The FCT team has worked hard and successfully assisted in the cleaning of the fire and smoke damage.

Contact us today on (08) 9204 3333 for more information on our smoke cleaning and damage removal services.