Other Services We Offer…

Our other main restoration / cleaning services include:

Paint Removal

FCT can remove spilt paint from roads, driveways, concrete finishes and many other surfaces. Acrylic paint, Oil based paint we will look at all.

Rust Removal

Old rust stains on different surfaces can be a nuisance and our sophisticated systems together with our cleaning products can remove all rust stains. Corroded metal returned to its original state.

Oil Stain Removal

Using low pressure systems or hot water washes mixed with our cleaning agents FCT will remove all oil stains. We also clean mechanical shops, garages, food areas along with food courts and surrounding shopping centre areas. FCT will complete works out of normal business hours to minimize disturbance to shoppers.

Bore Stain Removal

Ugly bore stains on fences, brickwork, rear of your tennis court or even on your house. FCT low pressure sand blasting unit can remove the stain without doing any damage to the original surface. Areas can be sealed to avoid attracting more unsightly orange stain.

White Line Removal

FCT can remove painted white lines from carparks and roadways. FCT have removed white lines from Karrinyup Shopping Centre, City Centre, Mitchell Freeway, Kings Park and The Perth Exhibition Centre. We have recently removed white lines from the freeway, for redirected entry to the Exhibition Centre.

Burn out / Tyre / Rubber Removal

FCT can remove those unsightly burnt rubber marks left from burnouts or unfortunately , vehicular accidents . Using our sophisticated systems combined with our cleaning products , we can help remove those burnt marks .

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