Rust Removal Perth

Rust and old rust stains on surfaces are unsightly and can indicate damage to the structural integrity of the building. FCT Surface Cleaning are number one for rust removal in Perth and surrounding local areas, and our friendly and experienced team are experts at restoring corroded and discoloured surfaces to their original state.

Rust is also known as iron oxide, and occurs when iron or an alloy that contains iron, such as steel, is exposed to oxygen and moisture for a long time, causing chemical reaction and change. As this process occurs, it weakens the metal, and can cause the structure to become brittle and crumbly rather than solid. Buildings and metal structures located near the coast are particularly vulnerable to rust, as the chloride ions in salt water can cause the corrosion of the metal to occur more quickly.

In a coastal city such as Perth, rust is an ongoing problem. Unless steel is protected and maintained, rust will cause it to expand. This expanding force is substantial, and if the steel is connected to another surface, such as steel window lintels in a brick wall, something has to give. The brick and mortar around the lintel will crack, damaging the structural integrity of the entire wall. The combination of steel lintels, moisture and salt air in Perth create the perfect rust storm.

At FCT Surface Cleaning, we offer a complete rust removal solution that restores buildings whilst protecting against further damage. Using the latest and most effective rust removal techniques we will restore the surface to a clean state, and then seal and protect the surface to prevent recurring and further damage over time. For rust removal in Perth, this final protection step is critically important and stops your home or commercial premises from becoming structurally unsound and unsafe over time.

FCT are also completely mobile, and offer rust removal services all over the state. Let us come to you and we promise that our friendly and expert team will have the job sorted in no time. FCT pride ourselves on treating each client as an individual and will endeavour to deliver the perfect rust removal solution for each job, every time.

So what are you waiting for? Rust is a time sensitive problem that will only get worse over time. Stop the damage now and call FCT Surface Cleaning for rust removal in Perth that is affordable, timely and effective. Contact us for an obligation free quote today.